Rates & Fee Schedule

Loan Rates Savings/Shares Rates IRA Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: 12/31/2020
Overdraft per item transfer$5.00
NSF per item$28.00
Return Item other FI per item$28.00
Stop Payment per item$28.00
Copy of Paid Check per copy$5.00
Cleared Check Printout, per item$5.00
Account Reconciliation per hr$20.00
Account Research per hr$20.00
Statement copy per page$3.00
Accts with bal less than $100 – check cashing$5.00
Checking* with bal less than $100 per month$7.00
Inactive Acct bal less than $100 and no activity for 12 months$5.00
Fax service per page$1.00
Bad address$3.00
Debit card ownership per month$1.00
Debit card replacement fee$10.00
Late loan payment$15.00
New Loan App$10.00
Early Acct Closing$25.00
Doc fee for all loans$15.00
Cashier's/Official's/Teller's check$5.00
Membership card replacement$5.00
Excessive W/D after 3 per month/ea$5.00
Foreign Cardholder ATM Txns$2.50
Account Activity/History printout/pg$3.00
Photocopy per copy$1.00
PIN Replacement for Debit Card$5.00
Card abuse fee/hot card$15.00
Verification of Account/Deposit (ea)$10.00
Auto title fee$10.00
Re-open acct fee (within 6 mos)$15.00
Christmas Club withdrawal 1x/YR$15.00
Redeposit Return NSF Item$5.00
Tax Levy Processing$50.00
Garnishment Processing$50.00
Collection Acct (CU initiated legal)$25.00
Priority/Overnight mail svcs $18 and up
*Senior Members (age 62 ) and current enrolled students (under age 26) are eligible to have fees waived. Seniors must inform the CU at time of qualifying birthday or account opening to receive the waiver. Students must provide copy of current student ID.
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